Next batch of Point of Lay Hens are ready now from the leading seller of Point of Lay Chickens in Kent & the South East.
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Welcome to Churchmans Farm, Faversham, Kent
Churchmans Farm are the leading sellers of laying chickens in Kent and the surrounding counties of Surrey, Sussex and Essex, being conveniently located just 5 minutes from the Faversham junction of the M2. We have been specialising in laying hens for over 15 years and regulary 1000 chicks from day olds to point of lay at 14 weeks. This enables us to produce excellent friendly laying chickens, all of which have grown up together and will produce lots of excellent eggs throughout the year!

We have served over 1500 customers with a variety of needs & experience. While many are keeping chickens for the first time and therefore require personal advice, not only with respect to suitable hens, but also the choice of hen house and accessories, we also supply larger quantities to the trade. No customer is too small or big for us, many take only 2 or 3 while our wholesale customers take up to 200!

Our chickens are hybrids which lay eggs all year round. We can now source not just the famous "brown farmyard hen" or H&N Brown Nick, but also many beatuifully coloured birds including Speckledys (based on the Moran), Light Sussex, Bovans Nera, Redcos and White Stars (that lay bright white eggs).

We hold regular Hen Keeping Workshops - see below for the next available date and find out more here. These attract a large number of adults & children, who are all most welcome. Many are contemplating keeping hens for the first time, while others come to expand their knowledge and see just how we raise and care for our hens.

If you have never kept chickens before, now is the time to start. They will provide you, and more importantly your children, with a huge amount of pleasure and lots of lovely fresh eggs. Contrary to popular belief, they are not difficult to keep and only require a small amount of space.

We look forward to hearing from you, or better still seeing you at the Farm! Please ring us to make an appointment and come and have a look around, or book one of our popular Workshops.

Mary Bruce

Point of Lay Hens ready now
All our hens are sold from 14 weeks. They are fully vaccinated and ready to lay for you throughout the year. There is no need to pre-order, you can choose when you visit. You can see details of all our current breeds here. Day old chicks are available by special order.
Need housing for your new hens? Find something to suit your needs & budget here.
We are agents for Omlet, if you need a Go Up or the very popular Cubes.
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Our address is: Churchmans Farm, Kennaways, Faversham, Kent, ME13 0HA. Directions to the farm are here. Our phone number is: 01795 531124 or you can email us here